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Blind Tasting

Owen Ogletree (director of Brewtopia Events LLC) gathered together fellow beer lovers Dean, Joanne, Christina, Todd Leckie (from Northeast Sales Distributing), and Mark Pfeiffer (from Normal Brew Shop) on April 21, 2004 at Copper Creek Brewing Company in Athens, GA to sample and comment on several strong ales and lagers from around the world.  This sampling was done as a blind tasting where no one was aware of the brands that were being served.  Products were informally commented upon and ranked according to Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) style guidelines.  First, second, third places, and honorable mentions were awarded to the products we felt represented their individual styles in extraordinary fashion.  Drop Owen an email to share your comments and opinions.

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Brouwerij De Prael - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Belgian Style Strong Dark Ale (8.5% abv)
Aroma: Floral, fruity, honeysuckle aromas with hints of citrus and malt.  Very elegant.
Appearance: Big tan head with heavy carbonation.  Clear and dark amber in color.
Flavor: Caramel, tannins, dark sugar, toffee, nuts, and spicy phenols.  This is an elegant beer that is complex and spicy (nutmeg and cinnamon) with earthy, cellar-aged qualities.  There are also hints of bourbon and leather; and a dry, slightly tart finish that is appealing.

Hibernation Ale
Great Divide Brewing Company - Denver, CO, USA
Old Ale (7.5% abv)
Aroma: Malt, fresh fruit, pineapple, citrus.
Appearance: Dark red/amber - quite beautiful.
Flavor: Warm alcohol notes go well with the nice malt/hop balance.  There is also a nutty flavor with fruity tones of raisins.  This is a delicious beer that offers a mouthful of chewy malt and complexity.

Weihenstephaner Brewery - Freising, Germany
Doppelbock (7.4% abv)
Aroma: Bready with hints of dark fruit, grain, malt, and perfume.
Appearance: Garnet color and very clear.
Flavor: Grain, slight roast, and good malt profile.  There are earthy undertones and very complex layers of flavor.  The long aftertaste exhibits multiple malt, hop, and fermentation characteristics.

Troegs Brewing Company - Harrisburg, PA, USA
Doppelbock (8.2% abv)
Aroma: Beautiful malt, toffee, and caramel.
Appearance: Dark gold to amber in color.
Flavor: Malty and toasty with toffee flavors that are rich in mouthfeel yet dry out quickly in the finish.  Excellent hop balance.

Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout
Samuel Smith's Old Brewery - Tadcaster, UK
Imperial Stout (7.0% abv)
Aroma: Fruit, coffee, raisins, plums, and very ripe apples.  Has nice cellar aromas. 
Appearance: Very dark black/opaque with a creamy, tan head.
Flavor: Big roasty, earthy, malty flavors with hints of vegetal character (not unpleasant) and leather.  This is a dark, elegant ale that is very fruity and complex with a slight smoky finish.  Seems light in mouthfeel for a typical Imperial Stout.

Immort Ale
Dogfish Head - Milton, DE, USA
Specialty Barleywine with vanilla and maple (11.2% abv)
Aroma: Nuts, malt, and maple syrup.
Appearance: Dark gold in color and very clear.
Flavor: Maple and malt are well balanced.  There are also pleasant hints of figs, vanilla, prune, and dark fruits.  The hops are in the background and complement the the rich malt.  This is a delightful and complex, yet smooth Barleywine.

Navigator of Holland
Dutch Export Brewery - Netherlands
Doppelbock (10% abv)

Aroma: Honey and mild malt make for a light aroma.
Appearance: Golden and clear.  Very low white head.
Flavor: Malty and a bit sweet with honey notes and a mouthfeel that seems light for this amount of alcohol.  There are nice hop hints for balance and some oaky chardonnay flavors in the finish.

Spaten-Brau - Munich, Germany
Doppelbock (7.0% abv)
Aroma: A touch fruity for a German lager.  There are notes of raisins, dark berries, dark cherries, and fruit cake.
Appearance: Garnet notes complement the dark brown color.  The beer is clear with a substantial tan foam.
Flavor: Slight oxidation is noted along with a sweet cereal start and a dryish finish.  There are also hints of raisins and granola.  Flavors seem mild for a Doppelbock.

Zoethouter Tripel
Bierbrouwerij Sint Servattumus - Schijndel, Netherlands
Belgian Tripel (8% abv) 
Aroma: Citrus, sour dough bread, and lemon.
Appearance: Clear and golden with beautiful white foam.
Flavor: Mildly sweet with a fruity, sweet apple/pear background and hints of clove and spice that are very slight.  There is subtle alcohol warmth and a slightly sweet finish.

Leute Bokbier
Brewery Van Steenberge - Ertvelde, Belgium
Belgian Strong Dark Ale (7.5% abv)
Aroma: Cheese, malt, and vegetal components are apparent in the nose.
Appearance: There is a slight haze, brown color, and big tan head.
Flavor: Sour and tart with earthy, lemony flavors that indicate some kind of slight infection.  It is a creamy beer with a medium mouthfeel. 

Moonglow Weizen Bock
Victory Brewing Company - Dowingtown, PA, USA
Weizenbock (8.7% abv)
Aroma: Fruity with hints of bubble gum and apple vinegar.
Appearance: Cloudy and ruby in color with big, appropriate carbonation.
Flavor: Tart and vinegar-like.  Tastes somewhat like a sour Belgian Red Ale.  There is good malt in the background that is hidden by infection.  This beer has potential if the vinegar notes are controlled in the future.

Sinebrychoff Porter
Sinebrychoff - Kerava, Finland
Baltic Porter (7.2% abv)
Aroma: Caramel and roasted notes with dark fruit and toast.
Appearance: Dark and espresso-like in appearance with low carbonation.  Beautiful.
Flavor: Dark chocolate and toast flavors are up front.  The beer is medium-bodied and not very intense.  The alcohol seems subdued, and there is a pleasant finish that is smooth and silky.  This beer is milder than one would expect for the style.

Olde School
Dogfish Head - Milton, DE, USA
Specialty Barleywine with dates and figs (14% abv)

Aroma: Fruit, green figs, and a sour note.
Appearance: Dark gold.  Clear and brilliant.
Flavor: Seems to be an English-style Barleywine that lacks the American hop bite.  There is a slight tartness that balances the rich malt.  The taste is good (not very bitter) with fruity, viscous malt character and hints of dark sugar.  This beer has sweet and sour notes that are quite pleasant.

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