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(LtoR): Owen Ogletree, Martha DeHart, Kerri Allen, Larry Johnson,
Lari Cowgill, and Dean Graves.
Owen Ogletree (director of Brewtopia Events) gathered together some of his fellow beer enthusiasts on October 9, 2002 at Athens' Copper Creek Brewing Company brewpub to sample and comment on several mixed styles of ales and lagers.  This beer sampling was done as a blind tasting where no one was aware of the brands that were being served.  Beers were informally commented upon and ranked according to Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) style guidelines.  First, second, third places, and honorable mention were awarded to the beers we felt represented their individual styles in extraordinary fashion.  Drop Owen an email to share your comments and opinions.

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Copper Creek Brewing Company was nice enough to host our evaluation of these beers.

Copper Creek is Athens' only brewpub and offers outstanding house-made beers and food.  It is located in the center of downtown Athens at 140 E. Washington Street.

Okocim Porter
Baltic Porter
Brzesko, Poland
Aroma: Brandy, raisins, port, sherry, plums, alcohol, malt.
Appearance: Dark brown to black in color.  Hints of garnet in the light.
Flavor: Coffee-like, chocolate-like, a bit sweet, but not insipid.  There is a nice bite from the roasted grains.  Alcohol is apparent in flavor.  This is a rich, full-bodied beer.  This would be good with a chocolate dessert.  Cleaner and less fruity than an Imperial Stout.

Hofbrau Maibock
Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany
Aroma: Malt, honey, alcohol, toffee.  Very deep, rich, clean malt aromas.
Appearance: Dark golden and clear.
Flavor: Malty, honey, dried fruit, figs, toffee, light caramel -- well balanced with malt and subtle hops.  This is a clean, rich, well-made lager.

Moinette Belgian Ale
Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Brasserie Dupont, Tourpes, Belgium
Aroma: Fruit, cloves, spice, malt.
Appearance: Golden with a thick head of foam.  Belgian lacework on glass from foam is attractive.
Flavor: Fruity, soft, malty -- alcohol is warming.  Spice hints are present.  Hops are a touch astringent and lend a dry flavor.  The body is medium.  This is a complex, beautiful ale.

Dogfish Head Chicory Stout
Specialty Ale
Dogfish Head Brewery, Lewes, Delaware, USA
Aroma: Coffee, iced coffee, malt, wood, chocolate.
Appearance: Jet black.
Flavor: Dry, coffee-like, potato/starchy hints.  Chicory flavor is faint.  Finish is a bit two-dimensional -- dry.  Needs a touch more body and chicory character, but a delicious beer nonetheless.

Bell's Oberon Ale
American Wheat Beer
Kalamazoo Brewing Company, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Aroma: Hints of buttered corn?  Aroma is very light.
Appearance: Golden in color with an attractive haze.
Flavor: Grain, medium citrus character, fruity.  Hops are a bit high for style perhaps?  Carbonation is high -- which is OK.  One person said this ale was a bit "bland."

Lakefront Bock
German Bock
Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Aroma: Sweet, light, a bit fruity (not good for style), raisiny.
Appearance: Dark brown -- dark end of style.  Nice ruby highlights.
Flavor: Sweet, fruity, malty, slightly tart.  This bottle could be a little oxidized and old.  This beer deserves a second try.

Sprecher Maibock
Helles Bock / Maibock
Sprecher Brewing Company, Glendale, WI, USA
Aroma: Grain, hops, wort-like, honey.
Appearance: Rich golden, clear, nice carbonation.
Flavor: Dry for style, toast, hops are high for style, ale-like.  Hops are out of balance in regard to malt (hops overpower the malt).  This is a very drinkable and tasty beer, however.

Kostritzer Schwarzbier
German Schwarzbier (Black Beer)
Kostritzer Brewery, Bad Kostritz/Thuringen, Germany
Aroma: Malt aroma is slight.  There are light hints of roast.  Low hop aroma.  This is a clean aroma with no fruity esters.
Appearance: Deep brown/black in color.
Flavor: Moderate bitterness with hints of roast.  Too dry for style.  This is a very clean lager that could benefit from a little more malt in body and sweetness.

Lakefront Organic ESB
Strong Bitter/English Pale Ale
Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Aroma: Light phenols, malt.
Appearance: Light copper in color -- light end of style.
Flavor: Medium bodied with a grainy, worty flavor.  Carbonation is low (OK for style).  Should be a bit more full and solid in both malt and hops.

Raftman Whiskey Malt Ale
Belgian Specialty Ale
Unibroue, Chambly, Quebec, Canada
Aroma: Apple and honey.  Malty.
Appearance: Dark golden in color and quite clear.
Flavor: Spicy, wheaty, yeasty, with hints of clove.  High carbonation with a warming sensation present.  Whiskey malt and smoke character are almost too light to be noticed.  Tastes almost like honey, candi sugar, and light fruit with a medium body.

Sockeye Red IPA
India Pale Ale
Midnight Sun Brewing Company, Anchorage, AK, USA
Aroma: Caramel, toast, fruit, hops.
Appearance: Creamy head with a nice, clear, deep copper color.
Flavor: High hop bitterness with a good balance between sweet malt and bitter hops.  Hops are rich, aggressive, and perhaps a bit astringent.  One person noted a hint of phenol (plastic) character.

Two Hearted Ale
Strong Ale
Kalamazoo Brewing Company, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Aroma: A bit syrupy, insipid, medicinal.  Very malty and thick in sweet, perfumy aromas.
Appearance: Light copper/golden in color -- attractive.
Flavor: Malt is the focus.  There is a touch of apple character with some lemon/citrus tones from the hops.  This is a fruity, malty ale with some unique characteristics.

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