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New Orleans, LA
Beer Tour 1999

Every summer (around June or July) Classic City Brew Fest directors Owen Ogletree, Kerri Allen, and Lari Cowgill rent a huge van and take a lucky group of a dozen or so beer fans on a remarkable three day tour of the "Big Beer Easy" -- New Orleans! New Orleans has no alcohol limit laws on beer, therefore lots of full-bodied, rich ales are available for sampling. And boy do we sample -- great food, flavorful beers, personable bars, and the unique atmosphere of this city that pulsates with life and celebration!  Be sure to email Owen or call (706) 254-BREW to get information on our next trip. Read on for some highlights from our July, 1999 tour...

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New Orleans Beer Spots included on this page...

Bars Visited

  • Cooter Brown's Beer Hall 
  • Carrollton Station Pub 
  • Bulldog Pub 
  • The Kerry Irish Pub 
  • Pat O'Briens
  • Abita Brewpub 
  • Abita Brewery Tour 
  • Crescent City Brewpub
Restaurants and other points of interest 
  • Vieux Carré Wine and Spirits
  • French Market  
  • Seaport Cajun Buffet 
  • Streetcar Tour Down St. Charles Avenue 
  • Bourbon Street Tour 
  • O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub 
  • Cafe DuMonde
  • Mulate's Cajun Dance Hall 
  • Swamp Tour 
  • Retail Beer Outlets for Great Beers to Take Home 

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The 1999 crew has arrived!

We were ready to experience New Orleans and have some fine brews. (L to R): Jeff Rapp, Martha DeHart, Mike DeYoung, Karen DeYoung, Joanne Mackey, Mark King, Thel Melton, Kerri Allen, Clayton Jones, Owen Ogletree, Martin Donofrio, and Dean Graves. Lari Cowgill is taking the picture. 

Abita Brewing Company

After enjoying a delicious meal at the Abita brewpub in Abita Springs, the group was quite happy to take a tour of the Abita microbrewery about one mile away. Here the group stands proudly in front of the twin towers in the Abita microbrewery parking lot.   Abita provided us unlimited samples of their fine beers during the tour, so it becomes obvious why this is such a popular stop.  The sign on the front door says "Warning... Brewery Tour!"

French Market

Here we are taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the old French Market.  This is a tourist's dream in New Orleans because every type of souvenir is available for purchase.  Everything from fried alligator tail to cheap t-shirts are being bartered here.

Carrollton Station Pub

Here's Martha (with cigar -- it's blackmail time!) and Karen at one of the world's greatest neighborhood pubs -- Carrollton Station has a good selection of beers at great prices, 1950's pinball games, and a cozy set of dart lanes. Carrollton Station pub is a very short walk from Cooter Brown's Beer Hall.

Swamp Tour

The group enjoyed a tour of one of the famous swamps across the Mississippi River from New Orleans.  The scenery was wonderful and the boat captain (Captain Gator) was quite amusing.  Here's a picture of the Captain's favorite alligator (Pierre) jumping for a snack!

Cooter Brown's Beer Hall

Here's most of the group ready to experience one of the best beer bars on the planet (and you folks who know Owen must realize this comment does not come lightly). Cooter Brown's has a phenomenal selection of beers from around the world including: Anchor Old Foghorn, Chimay, Duvel, Salvator, Thomas Hardy, Rogue Old Crustacean, etc.!

More Swamp Tour

Here's Dean (with the camera), Martin, Thel, and Lari dumbstruck by the awesome grandeur of the bayou.  But when's the next beer?

Vieux Carré Wine & Spirits

Everyone was in awe of the beer selection at this favorite retail package store on Chartres Street in the French Quarter. You can grab a Chimay Ale out of the cooler, pour it into your plastic cup, and drink it while you walk around in the French Quarter. Is New Orleans a great city, or what!

And talk about the food!

Along with the wonderful beer, we also enjoyed some delicious food on the road to New Orleans at Montgomery Brewing Company in downtown Montgomery, Alabama.  The head brewer at this friendly brewpub is always glad to show the tour around his brewhouse.  Be sure to stop in if you are ever in the area.

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