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Fort Collins is a small college town in northern Colorado, but it has an impressive array of microbreweries and brewpubs.  Some of Colorado's most famous beers originate in Fort Collins.  Here are Owen's quick thoughts on some of the most interesting places he hit on a visit in June of 2000.  This list is not comprehensive.  Drop Owen an email to let him hear about  your experiences at any of these locations.

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New Belgium Brewing Company
500 Linden Street, ph: 970-221-0524.
New Belgium is one of the most impressive microbreweries I have ever visited.  The tasting room is beautiful, the beers are delicious and unique, and the brewery is state of the art.  Here is a picture of "yours truly" having a great time sampling Fort Collins' most famous brews.  New Belgium's many awards are proudly displayed in the background.  The Abbey Ale was fruity and rich; the Sour Red Ale was sulfury but close to style; and the Fat Tire Ale was clean, malty, and quaffable.  I enjoyed all of their products.  Sampler trays of their beers and tours of the brewery are free -- be sure to call ahead for times.

H.C. Berger Brewing Company
1900 East Lincoln Ave, ph: 970-493-9044.

ODell's Brewery
800 East Lincoln Ave., ph: 970-498-9070.
Here's a photo of Kerri outside another microbrewery that is just down the road from H.C. Berger.  ODell's has a small tasting room and retail shop that offer samples of their refreshing beers that are somewhat more light-bodied than those from H.C. Berger and New Belgium.  We took the ODell's Cut-throat Porter with us when we camped in the Rocky Mountains later in the week, and it was quite enjoyable.

Coopersmith's Brewpub
5 Old Town Square, ph: 970-498-0483.
Coopersmith's is a big, busy brewpub with a food menu that shows a great deal of imagination and planning.  The veggie selections were very tasty, and the service is admirable.  However, the day we visited, the beers were a bit uninspired.  There were several brews to choose from but most of them lacked body and character.  On the other hand, the chili-beer (see the green chili tap handle to the right) was "three-alarm," and is definitely for persons with cast-iron tummies.

Old Chicago Beer Bar
147 South College Ave., ph: 970-482-8599.
For pub grub, pool, and a wide selection of local beers, microbrews, and imports, you can't do much better in Fort Collins than Old Chicago.  This is a chain of pubs that are very popular in Colorado.  If you want to be stuffed, try the yummy veggie stuffed pizza.

The Crown Pub
South College Ave.
Also on College Avenue (very near Old Chicago) is a pleasant bar with an Irish pub feel.  The Crown Pub has a nice selection of microbrews (including many from New Belgium).  They offer bar stools, tables, and sofas inside and patio dining on the sidewalk.

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