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Photo by Owen Ogletree

Owen Ogletree (director of Brewtopia Events) gathered together some of his fellow beer enthusiasts on January 8, 2003 at Athens' Wild Wing Cafe to sample and comment on several mixed styles of ales and lagers.  This beer sampling was done as a blind tasting where no one was aware of the styles that were being served.  Wild Wing bartender and beer lover, John Gayer, chose some draft beers for us at random.  Beers were informally commented upon, and the tasters attempted to guess the style of beer according to Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) style guidelines.  Drop Owen an email to share your comments and opinions.

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Foster's Lager 
American Lager 
Aroma: Mild malt, straw, rice, clean.
Appearance: Clear and light gold in color.
Flavor: Slight grain aftertaste, hint of hops, more malt than most American Lagers.
OUR GUESS:  We thought this was an American Lager or a light German Lager.  Close enough!

Konig Ludwig Hefeweizen 
Bavarian Hefeweizen
Aroma: Banana, clove, bubble gum, complex.
Appearance: Light golden with a glowing cloudy haze.  This is a pretty beer.
Flavor: Clove, phenols, complex, fruit, wheat, banana.  Nice body and well-balanced.
OUR GUESS:  We thought this was a Bavarian Hefeweizen.  Right on!

Shiner Bock 
Texas Bock 
Austin, Texas 
Aroma: Light fruit, caramel, toast.
Appearance: Clear and medium amber.
Flavor: Cereal, winey, dark crystal malt, caramel.  Light to medium body.
OUR GUESS:  This one confused us.  We thought this might have been a slightly oxidized Oktoberfest, Amber Lager of some type, or an old Steam Beer.

Bass Pale Ale 
English Pale Ale
Aroma: Earthy, tea-like, and fruity.
Appearance: Clear, bright, reddish/amber.
Flavor: Currant, fruit, light malt, light caramel, light roasty dryness.  This beer also has a mineral profile.  Very nice.
OUR GUESS:  We thought this was an English Ordinary Pale Ale.  Bingo!

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 
American Pale Ale
Chico, CA 
Aroma: Pine, resin, grapefruit.  Nice aromas of American hops.
Appearance: Dark gold, clear, pretty, with a thick, white head.
Flavor: Hoppy, malty, balanced, citrusy, bitter -- wonderful and spicy.  This beer has a great flavor if you are a fan of American hops.
OUR GUESS:  We thought this was an American Pale Ale.  Oh, yeah!

Dogwood Winter Beer 
Weizen Bock
Atlanta, GA 
Aroma: Phenols, vanilla, clove, toast, honey.  Rich and complex.
Appearance: Amber/orange and cloudy.
Flavor: Hint of bitterness with a yeasty, malty, wheat character.  Malty and slightly sweet at first with some bitterness at the finish.  Caramel and fruit flavors are present as well.  This is a deep, flavorful beer.
OUR GUESS:  We thought this was a very rich Bavarian Weizen.  (Which is really what a Weizen Bock is.)

Rogue Chocolate Stout 
Stout with chocolate 
Newport, OR
Aroma: Chocolate and coffee.  Heavy mocha with a sweet nose.
Appearance: Dark black with ruby hints.
Flavor: Vanilla, coffee, chocolate, roast.  This is a malty beer with complex flavors.  It is rich, but slightly dry in the finish.  Bitter and lovely with hints of warming alcohol.
OUR GUESS:  We thought this was Rogue Chocolate Stout.  BAM!

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