Now Available in Georgia

By Owen Ogletree
Founder and Director - Classic City Brew Fest

Thanks mainly to the efforts of the grass-roots group "Georgians for World Class Beer," House Bill 645 finally passed the House and Senate in 2004 and updated Georgia's outdated beer law that limited beer sold in the state to less than 6% alcohol.  This new law was wonderful news for Georgia beer fans who are now able to enjoy some of the world's richest and most flavorful gourmet, high-gravity beers!  The new brands have been extremely popular in the state thus far in terms of sales.  It's a great time to be a gourmet beer lover in Georgia!  Below are descriptions of some of these beer styles now available for sale in Georgia.  Remember that when savoring these classic brews, it's all about quality and not quantity.   Cheers!

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