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Michael Jackson
Trivia Questions
- Compiled by Owen Ogletree -

Photo by Owen Ogletree

On the night of December 19, 2004 Owen Ogletree gathered together some beer-loving friends for a party in Athens, Georgia to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of the BBC/Discovery Channel Michael Jackson "Beer Hunter" video series.  In attendance were: Owen Ogletree, Kerri Allen, Jean Andrews, Terri Ray, Thel Melton, Gail Graves, Dean Graves, Jeff Rapp, Don Beistle, Diane Beistle, and Martha DeHart.  We watched all six episodes of the series and sampled some of the beers that were mentioned (see list below).  We also took part in a trivia contest that followed each episode (see questions below).  Don Beistle won the trivia contest and was awarded a special, giant bottle of Belgian ale that was graciously donated by Five Points Bottle Shop in Athens, GA.

Check out the list of beers we enjoyed at the viewing and test your knowledge of "Beer Hunter" facts and figures by taking our trivia quiz listed below!

We flew the Union Jack in honor of Mr. Jackson.
  • CZECH episode:  Pilsner Urquell.
  • GERMANY episode:  Salvator Doppelbock and Schlenkerla Rauchbier.
  • USA episode:  Anchor Steam, Mendocino Eye of the Hawk, and 2004 Anchor Christmas Ale.
  • UK episode:  Young's Special London Ale and Young's Oatmeal Stout.
  • NETHERLANDS episode:  Affligem Tripel (Belgium), LaTrappe (Koningshoeven) Dubbel, Chimay Red (Belgium), and Duinen Dubbel (Belgium).  After sampling the Tripel, we conducted a mini blind tasting to see if anyone could guess the identities of the three Dubbels.  Gail correctly guessed all three!
  • BELGIUM episode:  Frank Boon Framboise Lambic and Liefmans Goudenband.

Trivia Questions from the Michael Jackson Series
(Answers are at the bottom.)


1. How many bottles and glasses of beer (total) are shown in the opening credits of the videos? _____
2. Bohemia has ____ years of brewing tradition.
3. Budweiser Budvar brewery was established in what year?  _________
4. Czech hops are from what area?  N / NE / E / SE / S / SW / W / NW
5. How long is Budvar lagered?  ________ months
6. Saaz hops are sometimes simply called ___________   _________.
7. Pilsner Urquell means “pilsner beer from the ______________  _________________.”
8. Pilsners should have an alcohol content between _____ and ____ %.
9. The pub shown in Prague is the _______________  ________________.
10. Is the U Fleku beer light OR dark in color?  ___________

1. What month marks the beginning of Bavaria’s fifth season?  __________________
2. Hofbrau Maibock has more than _____% alcohol by volume.
3. Duke ______________ the IV set up the German Reinheitsgebot beer purity law in 1516.
4. Bamberg has how many breweries?  _________
5. Heller Brewery was started in what year?  __________
6. You should have ______ or ______ liters of smoked lager before you’ll like the stuff.
7. How do you spell the brand name of Stein (stone) Beer shown in the video?  __________________
8. What helps clarify the Hofmark Bitter Lager?  ____________________

1. Fritz Maytag studied _______________  __________________ and Japanese at Stanford.
2. Fritz says that “people want the beer to come from a _________________ place.”
3. Anchor Steam uses a(n) ____________ yeast at temperatures more suited for a(n) _____________.
4. How many farms make the main barley for the Anchor Christmas Ale?  _________
5. Beer is like painting in ______________  ________________.
6. The US’s first post-prohibition microbrewery was called ________   _____________________.

1. You can't have real ale without ______________  _______________.
2. The beer cellar in the video was at what temperature?  ___________
3. The last name of the pub cellar master is ______________________.
4. Bateman’s brewery is in the village of __________________________.
5. The Bateman’s brewery uses ______________________ hops for dry-hopping.
6. Cask ale finings are made from the _________________  ___________________ of certain tropical fish.
7. Cask conditioned ales leave the brewery before they are really ________________.
8. The French teacher is ______________________.
9. The Great British Beer Festival hall is kept at what temperature?  __________

1. The Dutch spelling of “Brewers’ Canal” is _______________________________ Centrum.
2. St. _________________________ founded modern monasticism in the 6th century.
3. Which is darker in color – a Dubbel or a Tripel?  _____________________
4. One monk says “After one Tripel I get a ____________  _______________.
5. In what decade did Chimay become the first Trappist monastery to release its beer for public sale?  ______________
6. What Trappist Ale is number five down on the menu board at The Last Ordeal pub?  _________
7. The beers from Freisland all have a characteristic bit of ___________________.

1. Belgians call their beers the ___________________ of Belgium.
2. Michael says the stone of the cherry in the Kriek Lambic has an ________________________ character.
3. Lambic brewers use hops only as a _____________________.
4. Lambics are boiled for ___________ hours.
5. When Lambic is blended, it is then called _________________.
6. The first written recipe of Lambic dates from what year?  ______________
7. Michael smells what fruit in the Rodenbach Grand Cru?  ______________
8. The pear dessert is poached in what beer?  ________________________

Jeff, Don and Diane compete for our BEER HUNTER trivia prize!

CZECH: 1.) seventeen, 2.) 1000, 3.) 1895, 4.) NW, 5.) three, 6.) Bohemian Red, 7.) original source, 8.) four and five, 9.) Golden Tiger, 10.) dark
1.) May, 2.) seven, 3.) Wilhelm, 4.) ten, 5.) 1678, 6.) six or seven, 7.) Rauchenfeld, 8.) beechwood
1.) American Literature, 2.) good, 3.) lager / ale, 4.) one, 5.) water colors, 6.) New Albion
1.) real pubs, 2.) 54 degrees F / 12 degrees C, 3.) Dorber, 4.) Wainfleet, 5.) Goldings, 6.) swim bladders, 7.) ready, 8.) Irish, 9.) 56 degrees F
1.) Brouwersgracht, 2.) Benedict, 3.) Dubbel, 4.) red head, 5.) 1860s, 6.) Orval, 7.) sourness
1.) Burgundies, 2.) almond, 3.) preservative, 4.) five, 5.) geuze, 6.) 1516, 7.) passion, 8.) Hoegaarden

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