Owen Ogletree, Thel Melton and Spike Buckowski arrive at the 2014 Great British Beer Festival in London
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Great British Beer Festival
List of Real Ales Sampled
- August 2014 -

Owen Ogletree
Southern Brew News Columnist
Editor: www.ClassicCityBrew.com

Brian "Spike" Buckowski
Co-owner & Brewer - Terrapin Beer Company

Thel Melton
Program book editor - Classic City Brew Fest

Ranking very near the top of our “beer nirvana” list is the sublime joy of a fresh, well maintained, real cask-conditioned ale. Look below for the impressive list of real ales we managed to sample at the largest cask ale festival in the world -- London's magnificent Great British Beer Festival...

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Real ale (also called cask ale or cask-conditioned ale) is young beer with some residual sugar and active yeast cells that is placed in sealed metal casks.  The typical cask has a volume of 10.8 U.S. gallons and is called a “firkin.”  In the sealed firkin the beer undergoes a special conditioning process whereby the yeast produces a soft carbonation and complex flavor components and then settles to the bottom of the cask with the help of finings such as isinglass (made from fish swim bladders). After a time, excess carbonation is vented and a serving tap is hammered through a spout on the cask. The beer is served without pasteurization or additions of artificial carbon dioxide or other gasses.

Great British Beer Festival

Cask Ales Sampled - 2014

Acorn                          Barnsley Bitter                       3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Arkell's                                    Waimea                      3.60     Golden Ale

Bank Top                    Dark Mild

Bateman                     Black & White             3.60     Mild

Bath Ales                    Summer's Hare           3.90     Golden Ale

Blue Bee                     Lustin for Stout

Brains                          Dark                            3.50     Mild               

Branscombe Vale       Mild                            3.70     Mild               

Brewsters                    Marquis                      3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Bridestones                Sandstone                  3.90     Golden Ale    

Burning Sky                 Plateau                       3.50     IPA                  

Byatt's                         XK Dark                       3.50     Mild   

Canterbury Ales         Pardoners Ale             3.80     Golden Ale

Churchend                  Fallen Angel

Coach House              Gunpowder Mild        3.80     Mild               

Cotswold Spring         Old Sodbry Mild         3.90     Mild   

Downton                     New Forest Ale           3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter              

Elgood's                      Black Dog                    3.60     Mild   

Fellows                        Full English                 3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Flowerpots                 Flowerpots Bitter       3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Fullers                         Vintage Ale

George's                      Wakering Gold           3.80     Golden Ale

Goose Eye                   Bitter                           3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter              

Green Jack                  Trawlerboys

Harbour                      Light Ale                      3.70     Golden Ale    

Harveys                       'R'                                2.80     Bitter or Best Bitter

Harveys                       Sussex Mild                3.00     Mild   

Harveys                       Wild Hop                    3.70     Golden Ale                

Hepworth                   Summer Ale                3.80     Golden Ale    

Hobsons                     Twisted Spire              3.60     Golden Ale    

Hogs Back                   HBB                             3.70     Bitter or Best Bitter              

Humpty Dumpty        Little Sharpie              3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter              

Inveralmond               Inkie Pinkie                 3.70     Golden Ale    

Jo C's                           Norfolk Kiwi                3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter              

Kemptown                  Thirty Three                3.30     Bitter or Best Bitter              

Kissingate                   Black Cherry Mild

Leeds                           Best Bitter

Lees                             Golden Peddler          3.90     Golden Ale    

Liberation                   Summer Blonde         3.80     Golden Ale

Loch Ness                    Hoppy Ness

Malvern Hills              Santler Bitter              3.60     Bitter or Best Bitter              

Maypole                     Mayfly                         3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter              

Mersea Island             Mersea Mud               3.80     Mild

Mighty Oak                 Captain Bob               3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Moor                           Revival                                    3.80     Golden Ale    

Moorhouse's              Black Cat                     3.40     Mild

Mumbles                    Oystermouth Stout

Oakham                      Citra

Ole Slewfoot               Citraville APA             3.90     Golden Ale    

Otter                           Bitter                           3.60     Bitter or Best Bitter              

Palmers                       Summer Ale                3.90     Golden Ale    

Purple Moose             Glaslyn Ale                 4.20     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Redwillow                   Headless                     3.90     Golden Ale

Robinsons                   Trooper

Rother Valley              Black Ops                    3.80     IPA                  

Rudgate                      Ruby Mild

Salamander                Axolotl                                    3.90     Golden Ale    

Saltaire                       Triple Chocoholic

Shepherd Neame       Whitstable Bay           3.90     Golden Ale    

Shrewsbury                 Salopian Darwin's Origin

Slater's                                    Bitter                           3.60     Bitter or Best Bitter  

St Austell                    Liquid Sunshine          3.90     Golden Ale

St Austell                    Proper Job                  4.50     IPA      

St Austell                    Trelawny                     3.80     Bitter or Best Bitter  

St Peter's                     Mild                            3.70     Mild   

St. George                   Dragon's Blood

Strathaven Ales          Craigmill Mild             3.50     Mild   

Surrey Hills                 Shere Drop                 4.20     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Thwaites                     Naked Runner                        3.80     Golden Ale    

Tim Taylor                  Boltmaker

Two Roses                  Full Nelson                 3.80     Golden Ale

Tydd Steam                Barn Ale                      3.90     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Ulverston                    Flying Elephants         3.70     Golden Ale    

Vale                             Grumpling Old Ale

Wadworth                  Bishop Tipple

Wadworth                  Old Timer                   

Weetwood Ales          Mad Hatter                 3.90     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Wells                           Bombardier

Wolf                            Battle of Britain         3.90     Bitter or Best Bitter  

Woodforde's              Wherry                        3.80     Golden Ale    

Young's                       Special Bitter

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