Owen Ogletree and Don "Dr. Brewski" Beistle arrive at the 2013 Great British Beer Festival in London
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Great British Beer Festival
List of Real Ales Sampled
- August 2013 -

Owen Ogletree
Southern Brew News Columnist
Editor: www.ClassicCityBrew.com

Don Beistle
Southern Brew News Columnist

Ranking very near the top of our “beer nirvana” list is the sublime joy of a fresh, well maintained, real cask-conditioned ale. Look below for the impressive list of real ales Owen and Don managed to sample at the largest cask festival in the world - London's Great British Beer Festival...

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Real ale (also called cask ale or cask-conditioned ale) is young beer with some residual sugar and active yeast cells that is placed in sealed metal casks.  The typical cask has a volume of 10.8 U.S. gallons and is called a “firkin.”  In the sealed firkin the beer undergoes a special conditioning process whereby the yeast produces a soft carbonation and complex flavor components and then settles to the bottom of the cask with the help of finings such as isinglass (made from fish swim bladders). After a time, excess carbonation is vented and a serving tap is hammered through a spout on the cask. The beer is served without pasteurization or additions of artificial carbon dioxide or other gasses.

Great British Beer Festival

Beers Sampled - Owen & Don - 2013

       ARKELL'S, BRAMLING X 4.2 Single hop varietal gives spicy blackcurrant notes.

       B & T, TWO BREWERS BITTER 3.6 Hoppy amber session beer

       BALLARD'S, MIDHURST MILD 3.5 Traditional dark mild, well balanced, refreshing with a biscuity flavour.

       BANK TOP, DARK MILD 4 Rich malt and toffee flavours with bitter finish.

       BELVOIR, DARK HORSE MILD 3.4 Classic smooth mild with full bodied flavours.

       BEWDLEY, WORCESTERSHIRE WAY 3.6 A very refreshing session beer with citrus aftertones.

       BRAINS, DARK Smooth, drinkable, clean mild ale.

       BRISTOL BEER FACTORY, SUNRISE 4.4 Biscuit malt and lemon-flavoured Pioneer hops.

       BUNTINGFORD, TWITCHELL Well-made, delicious, award-winning ale.

       BURTON BRIDGE, XL MILD 4 Classic sulphurous Burton aroma with fruit and hops in the taste and characteristic finish.

       BUTTS, BARBUS BARBUS 4.6 Quite fruity and earthy.

       CANTERBURY ALES, PARDONERS ALE 3.8 Honey notes give way to spicy, orange and citrus hops

       CASTLE ROCK, BLACK GOLD 3.5 Dark mild with hints of caramel and fruit balance by bitterness.

       CERDDIN, CWRW TRI 4.5 A dark coloured beer with a toffee and coffee taste, with Fuggles and Goldings hops.

       CONISTON, OLIVERS LIGHT ALE 3.4 Light mild with subtle Goldings hop flavour.

       COTSWOLD SPRING, OLD SODBURY MILD 3.9 An unusual mild made with oats, rye and dark malts

       COUNTRY LIFE, POT WALLOP 4.4 Very light straw coloured, easy drinking.

       CROUCH VALE, CITRA 3.9 Refreshing zesty aromas top off a pale, light biscuity body with combined sweetness and bitterness.


       DOGHOUSE, MILD 3.5 A traditional Mild, brewed with Mild Ale and Chocolate malt, Challenger and Fuggles hops.

       ELLAND, 1872 PORTER Grand Champion Beer of Britain 2013 - An amazing, classic porter.

       FARMER'S, A DROP OF NELSON'S BLOOD 3.6 Full-bodied beer, initially sweet, with hops and malt but, becoming very bitter in the aftertaste.

       FLOWERPOTS, ELDER ALE 3.8 A dry beer, very light in colour with a hint of elderflower.

       FULLERS, VINTAGE ALE 2013 Malty, toffee-like and warming.

       FYNE ALES, JARL Well-made, delicious, award-winning ale.

       GREAT ORME, WELSH BLACK 4 Large amount of chocolate malt gives a velvety smooth rich coffee finish.

       GREEN KING, IPA RESERVE Malty with a moderate hop backbone.

       GROWLER BREWERY, NETHERGATE, UMBEL MAGNA 5 Smooth, creamy porter infused with coriander.

       HAWKSHEAD, RED ALE Malty red ale with notes of butterscotch.

       HOBSONS, BEST BITTER 3.8 A medium-bodied beer with strong hop character throughout. Bitter, but with malt discernible in the taste.

       HOGS BACK, ENGLISH SUMMER ALE 3.9 Clean, slightly dry on the palate, bags of hop flavours at the finish without lingering for too long in the mouth.

       ILKLEY, JOSHUA JANE 4 A highly hopped golden ale with a strong, bitter finish.

       JENNINGS, SHEEP THRILLS 3.9 Smooth and creamy, light refreshing ale brewed using pinhead oats.

       MIGHTY OAK, OSCAR WILDE 3.7 Roasty dark mild with suggestions of forest fruits and dark chocolate, the sweet taste yields to a more bitter finish.

       MILTON, PEGASUS 4.1 Malty aroma and flavour balanced with some kiwi fruit and faint toffee. Pleasing dry aftertaste.

       MOLES, TAP BITTER 3.5 A session bitter with a smooth, malty flavour and clean bitter finish.

       MOORHOUSE'S, BLACK CAT 3.4 A dark mild-style beer with delicate chocolate and coffee roast flavours and a crisp, bitter finish.

       PROSPECT, WHATEVER 3.8 Pale bitter packed with hop flavour and aroma.

       PURPLE MOOSE, GLASLYN ALE 4.2 Plenty of hop in the aroma and taste. Good smooth mouthfeel leading to a slightly chewy finish.

       RUDGATE, RUBY MILD 4.4 Nutty, rich ruby ale, stronger than usual for a mild.

       SALAMANDER, MUDPUPPY 4.2 A hoppy fruitiness dominates this beer. A fruity nose gives way to a pleasant nutty character.

       SALOPIAN, ORACLE 4 A crisp golden ale with a striking hop profile. Dry and refreshing with a long-balanced aromatic finish.

       SAWBRIDGEWORTH, MANOR MILD 3.4 A traditional mild.

       SHEPHERD NEAME, GOLDINGS Beautiful ale with pleasant Goldings hop aroma and flavor.

       ST AUSTELL, TRELAWNY 3.8 Peach and apricot aroma with a toasted biscuit flavour balanced by a tangy hop bitterness.

       ST AUSTELL, TRIBUTE 4.2 Pale brown ale. The aroma is of malt and fruity Oregon hops, with a balance of malt and hoppy bitterness in the mouth.

       ST. AUSTELL, PROPER JOB A classic Cornish cask ale - beautiful and well balanced in every way.

       THORNBRIDGE, WILD SWAN 3.5 Plenty of lemony citrus hop flavour, becoming increasingly dry and bitter in the finish and aftertaste.

       THREE TUNS, 1642 3.8 Light, nutty maltiness and spicy bitterness.

       THWAITES, LITTLE BEWDY 4.2 Pale ale brewed with Australian hops. Floral hop aroma and mellow hop character.

       TRIPLE FFF, ALTON'S PRIDE 3.8 Floral hop aroma; initial malty flavour fades as citrus and hops take over, leading to a hoppy, bitter finish.

       VALE, BLACK SWAN DARK MILD 3.9 Dark and smooth beer.

       WALLS, SUMMER GOLD 3.6 A refreshing golden coloured ale, citrus in flavour.

       WOODLANDS, MILD 3.5 A creamy, rich mild.

       WYE VALLEY, DOROTHY GOODBODY'S MEADOW QUEEN 4.3 Brewed with Meadowsweet - a sweet-smelling herb with delicate creamy-white flowers.

       YATES' (IOW), SUN FIRE 4.3 Amber/orange in colour with a citrus, floral aroma.

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