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October 2009


Some of the best beer places in Charlottesville, Virginia...

Summary and photos by Owen Ogletree - Posted October 2009

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12th Street Taphouse
1202 West Main Street
Phone: (434) 202-0764

A sharp restaurant/pub just a couple blocks from the University area. There are 14 taps - including many from Starr Hill.

Beer Run
156 Carlton Rd. Suite 203
Phone: (434) 984-2337

What a fantastic beer place! Beer run is a cafe, coffee house, gourmet beer bar and retail beer and wine store all rolled into one delightful experience. Owners John Woodriff and Josh Hunt do an amazing job here. The above photo was taken on Halloween night.

Court Square Tavern
500 Court Square
Phone: (434) 296-6111

A personable, locals pub located near the old court house. The pub features food and 18 decent drafts.

Horse & Hound Gastropub
625 West Main Street
Phone: (434) 293-3365

The above photo shows bartender Liz Horan and owner/chef Luther Fedora of the delightful Horse & Hound. Luther has spent a lot of time in the UK and brings a really pleasant UK-style pub to the city of Charlottesville. Horse & Hound offers innovative food, a relaxed atmosphere, and some rare beers on draft.

Michael's Bistro & Taphouse  
1427 University Ave.
Phone: (434) 977-3697

An upstairs pub near the University featuring ten taps, a wide range of nice bottled beers, and good quality food items. Unfortunately, smoking is still allowed in the bar area and the smoke tends to drift over to the dining side of the place.

South Street Brewery
106 South Street
Phone: (434) 293-6550

A fun brewpub located several blocks from the University area, South Street offered Brewery Pale Ale, Hefeweizen, Porter, Anniversary Ale, Satan's Pony, Absolution Ale and Liberation Lager the night we visited. Their wall mural (shown above) is quite impressive.

Gourmet Beer Bar!
Retail Beer!
Growlers to Go!

More beer spots to visit while
enjoying Charlottesville...

Mellow Mushroom  
1309 W. Main Street
Phone: (434) 972-9366

Timberwood Grill
3311 Wroth Crossing
Phone: (434) 975-3311

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